The idea

Vision – To transform the waste ecosystem from linear to circular and eliminate burden of waste caused by unscrupulous consumerism.

Mission – Bring reuse and repair to the forefront of circular economy.
We intend to embed and introduce the basic waste management principles (Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Restore/maintain) across sectors and stakeholders

About the team

All our team members work at Saahas Zero Waste, which prides itself in ensuring maximum resource recovery from waste by providing impactful waste management solutions. We  have a fair understanding of the logistics and economics involved in sending waste to recycling as well as the down cycling of the material afterwards. We have also hadfirst hand experience with our customers who reached out on how to dispose of bulk waste for which we do not have the recycling solution. This is where we realized that some waste can be repaired and reused instead of being mindlessly sent to landfills.

Team members

Hamsalekha.S, Priyanka Jariwala, Pranav Narang, Preet Prakash Khatri, Sayujya

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