The idea

We aim to include a larger section of the country’s discarded plastic within the circular plastic economy making plastic type-specific recycling a reality. We hope to achieve this goal by enhancing economic viability of recycling all seven types of plastic by segregation through efficient, accurate and cost-effective optical technologies thus increasing both the quality and the quantity of plastic recycled within the country every day.

About the team

Growing up in the Garden City of India, Bangalore, we witnessed the city undergo immense changes especially in regards to plastic waste – or rather the mishandling of it. Negligence, among other factors, has tainted the lush greenery we all grew up with and love. With a strong conviction to better our home, we decided to incline our current developing diverse careers encompassing engineering, computer science, economics and medicine. We saw an opportunity to turn waste into an asset that would save the city we loved and optimistically, better the world by expanding the idea to a global scale. With efficiency and economic viability in mind, we created the EVOLVE optical system for accurate segregation of plastic waste in the Indian landscape.

Team members

Rohan Ben Joseph, Bhavesh Bhagat, Periakaruppan Annamalai, Pranav Majunath, Sumukh Aithal

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