The idea

‘Ecowrap’ is IoT based an end to end integrated channel for HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Bar, etc) for their waste segregation, tracking, collection, recovery, recycling and up-cycling.

About the team

Angraj Swam is the man behind the idea. With no education infrastructure in his small village in the ‘Thar’ desert of Rajasthan, he walked 15 km everyday in order to complete basic education. He moved to New Delhi in 2011, where he received admission Delhi University, one of the country’s most prestigious institution, and graduated  in 2014. The huge mountains of solid waste and the unethical consumption of natural resources became a huge concern for him. He initially developed a model for optimum utilization of resources and sustainable treatment of post consumed products (solid waste). But after working on paper recycling, he realized that recycling is not the problem – the major bottleneck is segregation at source. In 2017,  he began developing a model to bring segregation culture in the country and banded together with a team of waste management experts to build the  initiative.

Team members


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