The idea

Evlogia Eco Care is a Bangalore based startup that comes up with eco-friendly and healthy innovations meant for daily use by common people. We believe that the earth is not just our home but a boon granted to us by creation. Evlogia’s goal is to provide the world with alternatives to plastic. We believe in working towards a sustainable world.

1) To eliminate single use plastics
2) To convert agricultural waste into wealth
3) To provide employment opportunities to rural women

To protect our planet from the scourge of single use plastic by replacing it with innovative eco-friendly alternative while running a responsible business model and empowering the weaker sections of our society

About the team

Evlogia is a strong team of passionate and young individuals.
Our CEO,  Manigandan Kumarappan (B.E), is a successful entrepreneur with 20 years of multinational corporate experience and a strong focus on developing products & solutions that have social impact and links to the rural economy; meanwhile,  Co-Founder Radha Manigandan takes care of production and quality management. We also have 3 young blooded engineers as the Core Founding Team – Joshy John,  V J Leo (B.E) and Mr. David Biju (B.E.) – who take care of operations, R&D, and in-house automation. Together, we are working to develop innovative and simple products from agricultural waste.

Team members

Manigandan Kumarappan, Radha Manigandan, Joshy John, V J Leo, David Biju

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