The idea

GreenJoy: One Straw at a time, to change the world!

Vision: To become the biggest eco-friendly products suppliers in Vietnam and regions in reducing plastic waste and pollution for the world.

Mission: Accelerate the phasing-out of single use plastic by making the most sustainable and affordable straws made from grass for F&B sectors and individuals.

About the team

GreenJoy consists of passionate members who are experts in their field and bring top quality output on our mission to scale. A multinational structure allows us to manifest local effort with global impact. Our team has been driving the GreenJoy success story based on our beliefs to rid the environment of plastic waste – each with their own skill set. With a business and management background as well as experience at companies in Europe and Vietnam, Nguyen is in charge of operations and leadership where she deals with local farming communities. Trang, who has 8 years of experience in hospitality investment, takes care of business development around financial planning and business plan execution. Long is our technical expert who devises the technologies to deliver our growth ambitions. He is also a Vietnamese citizen with experience in blue-chip international engineering companies.

Team members

Vo Quoc Thao Nguyen
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