The idea

At Growing Plastic, we envision a sustainable material world without plastic in product packing & shipping. By developing bio-material alternatives to replace plastic, we aim to revolutionise the packaging material landscape in online commerce & product shipping industries to a more earth-friendly materials.

Starting from the mainly-used, bubble wrap, we’re developing a product called Bana-Wrap, made of banana peels waste that performs a similar function as bubble wrap plastic, but home-compostable and environmentally-ethical.

We believe that every solution has already been provided by nature, that’s why, as a research-based business, we are always looking to nature for our inspiration and innovation. With circularity, innovation, and collaboration in minds and in every part of our work ethics and business processes, eventually we will bring impacts to the social and economic aspect of people’s livelihoods .

About the team

We began in the CIJ 2020 through a concern on the increasing use of plastic from massive online transactions in Indonesia. Convinced that material is at the core of this problem, we believe that a material revolution is needed now more than ever. Our team has a diverse background – an asset as a sustainable eco-venture. Adhitya has vast experience in NGOs managing environmental projects, while Bianca is in the sustainable material team of a prominent global brand. Her background in environmental & chemical engineering equips her with an understanding of sustainable materials and circular business.  Eunike is in charge of communicating our products to the public and potential business partners; and Tafia is an Experience Designer with a background in architecture and product development at a promising start-up. With our skills, we believe we can make the biomaterial revolution happen.

Team members

Adhitya Yusuf, Bianca Putri Ramadhani, Eunike Fersa, Tafia Sabila Khairunnisa

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