The idea

Nanolabs LRC Co. Ltd. is a research and development startup company that provides eco-friendly, economical, and sustainable “nano” solution in electrochemical energy storage and environmental challenges.

Our vision is to be a leading “nano-based” electrochemical energy storage company here in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

Nanolabs’ mission is to provide R&D services for the development of Rechargeable Zinc Ion Battery utilizing indigenous and waste materials.

Our idea for the Circular Innovation Jam is to transform plastic waste into an advanced nanomaterial, “Graphene”. The produced graphene will then be utilized as raw material for the fabrication of Rechargeable Zinc Ion Battery electrodes and solid polymer electrolyte.

About the team

Our team at Nanolabs consists of PhDs with expertise in diverse fields of materials science, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering. The pressing demand of solving the environmental issues —  such as CO2 emission and plastic waste and the need for sustainable, safe, and eco-friendly energy storage devices —  are among the reasons behind the Nanolabs team. We want to utilize our skills in nanoscience and nanotechnology to help build a sustainable environment not only for today, but most importantly for the future to come.

Team members

Ryan D. Corpuz, Lyn Marie De Juan-Corpuz, Chosel Lawagon, Carlito Tabelin, Carlo Jay Corpuz

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