The idea

We see a world where communities take responsibility for this generation and the next through bio-waste reduction and recovery as a way of life.

Rather than sending it off to the landfill, Ouro takes waste from homes and food service companies and offers it in a form that urban farmers need – compost. We feed the (urban) farm that feeds us. The result: a complete loop. Farm to table, table to farm and a truly sustainable urban agriculture.

About the team

We started off with the story of one of our co-founders, Anna. Her livelihood was severely affected by the pandemic so she decided to go back to the province. To feed herself and her family, she began tilling the land. Soon after, she was surprised to find a price surge in fertilizer and decided to make her own through food scraps, connecting with friends in the food industry for supply.

Realizing the massive potential of her idea, she banded together with a diverse group of individuals to brainstorm ways to efficiently divert food waste from landfill and turn it into something meaningful. Noticing a large demand to curtail both our carbon footprint and costs, we decided to focus on urban agriculture. Our solution continues to evolve as we uncover new insights put forward by the different team members. And we think that’s the best part of this journey.

Team members

Anna Margarita Amat, John Gaisano III, Joanna Tan, Angela Aquino, Decaterina Candelaria

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