The idea

P4E is a mobile application that aims to: 

  1. Make informal waste collectors more accessible and identifiable 
  2. Collect data to empower the informal sector 
  3. Collect more clean plastic and provide better income for the informal waste collectors

We aim to measurably reduce the percentage of plastic waste entering the world’s oceans by creating human connections between waste collectors and trash generators for the entire Mekong Delta Region and beyond.

About the team

Our team is diverse in terms of skills and perspectives,  with backgrounds from around the world. We were connected by The Innovation Network. As residents of Bangkok,  we understood the importance of informal waste collectors in Thailand and became keen to empower them in improving the quality of recyclable plastic waste right at the source – in other words, when it leaves the hands of the trash generator (you, me and everyone).

Team members

Alice Razon, Julie Johnsen, Sean Conner, Suchart (Charles) Klaikeaw

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