The idea

We have developed a leapfrog green product which can potentially disrupt the protective packaging industry, for the least. At Palok Poriborton, we process waste from chicken feathers and turn them into protective packaging material.

About the team

We are three best friends turned co-founders. All of us are in our sophomore year studying food technology and biochemical engineering. It started when we took part in an international competition through our college. One of our co-founders lives in the outskirts of the city Kolkata in West Bengal, India. Due to a number of poultry farms in the area, she often sees feather and plastic waste scattered. That’s how we were inspired to solve the issue of both the feather and plastic waste – and we were successful in finding a solution for both. 

As packaging was a significant part of our curriculum, we wanted to improve it while protecting the environment.  It has been 9 months since the competition and we are currently in the prototype stage – supported by professors, industrial packaging experts, and our university to improve the design further.

Team members

Arghadeep Sadhu, Dibyangana Misra, Ananya Banerjee

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