The idea

Plastic Mountain seeks to become Vietnam’s first recycled climbing wall maker. We work with informal collectors to source low-value waste materials which we turn into durable walls and climbing holds. Our Mini Walls are perfect for young kids to play on, and each one is made from 100 kilograms of plastic and milk cartons! We believe in empowering the informal collectors who are usually women who work very hard for low wages. Plastic Mountain will compensate them at above-market rates for bringing us appropriate materials to make our walls.

About the team

Duc and Ben have been working on a plastic recycling project called Dr. Plastic since the beginning of 2020 and came up with the idea for recycled walls. They later met Trang and Bao Yen through CIJ and were happy to pair up with people who have more experience in business and design. 

Together, the team seeks to bring their cumulative skills – from tech and manufacturing to business models and market research – to re-route a portion of Vietnam’s MSW into useful, highly durable products. Therefore, it won’t pollute the environment.

Team members

Ben Baron, Duc Pham, Linh Trang Can, Bao Yen Nguyen

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