The idea

We at PRAGYA aim to create a quality, affordable and eco-friendly product that will not compromise on the safety and well being of menstruating women. Our ultimate goal is to secure a plastic free environment and a healthy future. We make use of the unique water management properties of cactus and other organic materials to make our product super absorbent with superior leakage preventing features. Thus, our product would help in the reduction of plastic pollution caused by synthetic pads and make sanitary napkins accessible to rural people.

About the team

Pragya is led by four engineering students from the same college – Punya, Devitheertha, Aparna and Sharanya – who always wanted to do something beneficial for the society and environment. The word ‘Pragya’ means the highest and purest form of wisdom, intelligence, and understanding. 

In the villages where we live, many rural women face menstrual problems and use items such as ashes, husk sand , unsanitary cloths instead of sanitary napkins. With our background in biotechnology, we were keen to find a biomaterial solution that would help these women and the environment.

We believe that competition brings out best in people. It has helped us grow, accept defeat, and learn humility. With valuable suggestions from our family, lecturers, and peers, we always try our best to bring creative ideas so as to manifest our team – PRAGYA.

Team members

Punya Pradeep, Devitheertha CC, Aparna Satheesh KV, Sharanya KS

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