The idea

We at R-Cube aim to create a sustainable ecosystem and plastic circular economy in India by providing low-cost eco-friendly Construction Solution for Eco-friendly builders and architects, while also accelerating the drive for sustainable living through innovative recycled product solutions. We recycle low-value plastics along with hard plastics, and manufacture roof and pavement tiles.

About the team

Akash Jayakumar and I were inspired by the efforts to address the waste problem done by NGOs in our city. But when we talked with them, we realised that there is more work to be done and greater change can only be achieved through behavioral change on a daily basis. So we put on our thinking caps and came up with a recycling solution to turn plastics waste into products as we found that the value chain of waste was crippled. We later joined CIJ to ideate a solution with the help of Ganesh Tated and Lavanya Sibal. Our team comes from various backgrounds including aerospace engineering, supply chain and logistics, and international management. We approach the issue by visualizing opportunities in plastic waste with the belief that formalizing the informal sector of waste management is highly critical to the environment’s betterment, along with its transparency and traceability.

Team members

Akash Jayakumar, Akash Vineet, Lavanya Sibal, Ganesh Tated

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