The idea

We are a company who aim to provide a solution for the plastic problem in Indonesia. We focus on transforming un-recycled rejected plastic, especially multi-layered plastic (sachet) waste into eco-friendly building materials. After one and a half years of research, in November 2019, we launched our first product, Rebricks Pavers. While employing a green production process and holding circularity principles, we are able to mass-produce. We offer a solution that is simple, modular, low tech, and low cost, but is able to create a significant impact. Through this solution, we are able to recycle a minimum 88.000 sachet waste per day.

About the team

Ovy Sabrina and Tan Novita were university friends. After graduating, Novi went to work in Singkawang as a community development coordinator for World Vision Indonesia, while Sabrina joined her father’s concrete factory which has over three decades of experience in building blocks. Under the tutelage of her father, she absorbed his wisdom regarding the manufacturing and distribution of concrete blocks. In 2015, Novi moved back to Jakarta, and they began doing some small business projects together. Driven by a shared interest in helping the environment, in 2018, they started the journey of making recycled bricks. By the end of 2018, Arif Sanjaya, a PhD student in civil engineering faculty, joined Rebricks, as technical advisor. During the Circular Innovation Jam, the group met Renita Puspasari who joined Rebricks as our Marketing advisor.

Team members

Ovy Sabrina, Novita Tan, Renita Pusparini

Rebricks Indonesia
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