The idea

Recycle Me! is an innovative mobile phone app to empower consumers to reduce plastic use and  recycle waste packaging by making educated purchase decisions based on packaging and local recycling options.

To do this, Recycle Me! scans products on store shelves to display information about the product, its packaging materials and recycling capabilities. The app will then show maps of exactly where, if at all, that product and packaging may be disposed of locally to enter the recycle stream.

About the team

The idea for Recycle Me! evolved after taking part in Circular Design Lab’s CDL 2.0. During this workshop, we applied systems design to address the plastic problem and envisioned a way to help Bangkok condominium dwellers to recycle better by connecting them with local informal waste collectors.

When The ‘Plastic Data Challenge’ came around, some of us honed the idea into the Recycle Me! phone app. The project was further enhanced through submissions to The Oceans Challenge, EPPIC and others. The Circular Innovation Jam was an opportunity to gather a core group together to further refine our ideas and bring them to fruition.

As proud finalists in the Jam, we look forward to developing Recycle Me! into a viable business that will facilitate a plastic free world.

Team members

David Kleber, Pimtheera Rojanavongse (JOY), Siriporn Sriaram (Vivi)

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