The idea

RefillMyBottle is a map of places where we can walk and refill our bottle for free or a minimum fee. By refilling, we help to keep one single-use plastic bottle from  entering the ocean or ending up in landfills. Our one simple step to reducing plastic waste is only one click away.

About the team

BGreener Community, a group of sustainable businesses in Bali where Alex Tsuk is the founder, came up with the simple idea of providing access to drinking water to all who need it – without having to buy a plastic water bottle.

Each of us is passionate about sustainability. Alex contributes through the businesses and networks in his surrounding community. Christine is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Climate Change and Development and Trifitri has even diverted from political sciences.

Having seen the effect of mass tourism in Bali, we became inspired to do something for Bali to sustain, for generations to come. We believe that a simple action can make a great impact and that sustainability is a community’s responsibility.

Team members

Alexandre Tsuk, Christine Go, Trifitri Muhammaditta

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