The idea

Rent-O-ReWa is a recycled water trading platform to organise the unorganised wastewater market. Our aim is to close the water loop by encouraging the use of recycled water, reducing the freshwater burden and microplastic waste from reaching the oceans with untreated wastewater, as well as improving the accessibility of clean water for urban poor.

About the team

When Bangalore mandated the installation of sewage treatment plants in residential gated apartments, there was a lot of repulsion from residents. At the same time, water bodies across Indian cities are depleting and polluted by wastewater from industries and residential sectors. This leads to a dependency on freshwater for non-consumptive use, microplastics in lakes/city aquifers, and lack of access for clean water for the urban poor. This compounded the looming water crisis in India. Seeing tankers running around the city carrying water drawn – legally or illegally from remote locations – is disheartening. People who can afford tanker water can access it while others remain deprived. We have a background of environment and climate change, as well as industrial and chemical engineering with deep understanding of water chemistry. With this, we began the idea for trading recycled water.

Team members

Megha Nath, Devinder Singh

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