The idea

The growing demand in take away food has led to a surge in the use of single use packaging, which is mostly discarded into the landfill. Statik helps to provide reusable packaging in restaurants for customers’ takeaway orders, thus reducing  the use of single use packaging from the producer. 

The use of reusable packaging will be rewarded by discount in restaurant partners. Some deposit money will be charged, however, customers can get a refund when they return the packaging. 

With Statik, restaurant owners can save up on packaging costs and promote their restaurant in our apps. Customers using Statik will be rewarded with discounts and an easy way to implement more eco-living practice in their daily life.

About the team

Our team began as classmates in the Environmental Engineering program in the University of Indonesia, where we learned a lot about waste management and the impact on the environment.

One problem that caught our attention is the abundance of single-use packaging waste, especially in the era where buying food online has increased in popularity. We believed that the best way to bring the biggest impact to the environment is by reducing the use of single use packaging. Since we can’t control the consumer behaviours in ordering takeaways, we aim to provide a more eco friendly packaging option which can be used again and again. This is hoped to increase the circularity of the packaging life cycle so that the waste generated is reduced.

Team members

Anisya nurpratina, Claudia Kirana Anjani, Rizka Putri Ayuningtyas

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