Team Trashless

The idea

We have created a social media platform that helps everyone to exchange trash, giveaway used items, work as trash collectors of recycling factories, or as a merchant that advertise their businesses. We will manage reusable plastics and other profitable trash by giving virtual credits or real money to our users. We focus on creating more job opportunities while saving our planet through this centralized system where nature lovers can socialize with each other!

About the team

Tung Dang  – who holds a BSc in Psychology and an MBA degree – studied in Europe for 19 years before returning to Vietnam for his post graduate and met with Priyankara Dilantha, an engineer who was also developer and founder of alexamaster digital marketing platform. They were researching centralized data systems and artificial intelligence when they received the email from Circular Innovation Jam 2020. After discussing with Van Anh, an experienced online seller and a business student in RMIT university who was passionate about the environment, they realized that there are already similar online platforms that are successful. This is how they came across this idea.

Team members

Van Anh Le, Tung Dang, Priyankara Dilantha Abeywickrama, Hoang Hanh

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