The idea

Tri Hita Academy is an event planner providing sustainable event items and event planning, as well as post-event sustainability, local community empowerment, and tree planting. We believe that nature creates moments. #SustainableEvent #CreateYourMoment

About the team

We were concerned about the plastic and environmental waste issues in Bali. With Bali’s reputation as one of Asia’s top 4 event destinations, events were a potential entry point as they are known to generate a lot of waste, especially plastic. Recognizing waste as a dark side of the event industry, we established Tri Hita Academy. As a sustainable event planner, we help clients to create memorable events without neglecting the environmental impact. We will substitute event items that are potentially harmful to the environment with sustainable options, such as paper plates to coconut leaf plates or plastic straws to bamboo straws.  Through this, we will contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in Bali. Our team is multi-talented and diverse in background, ranging from campus lecturers, human resource professionals, Tourism and MICE experts, to marketing and financial management. 

Team members

Luh Sri Damayanti (Founder), Luh Putu Budiarti (Co-Founder), Putu Ade Wijana (Project Program Manager), Putu Suweca Nata Udayana (Development Program Manager)

Trihita Academy
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