The idea

Vision: To become the most complete and integrated platform for the solution of waste in Indonesia.


  • Build more effective waste system by involving stakeholders
  • Connect waste actors through integrated systems
  • Offer environmental education tailored to the characteristics of the community
  • Increase social awareness of waste pickers
  • Provide information on the nearest waste processing facilities

About the team

Our main team consists of three youths with different experiences. Ranitya has a strong experience in environmental campaigns and activism, including stakeholder relations, since 2011. Meanwhile, M. Arsad Aji Susanto is an informatics engineering graduate specializing in digital development, full stack, and mobile developer. In 2017, he worked with the government of Depok municipal on waste consumption by providing periodical reports. Surya Sastriando has over 9 years of event management experience and helps to organize events.  Ade Brian is an MSc Candidate at Shanghai Jiao Tong University with interests in Environmental Management and Sustainability. While Waste Hub’s team comes from various backgrounds, everyone works hand in hand to build wastehub.id. Our 1,222 waste pickers partners also have various views and perspectives, but we are all moving to address waste in urban areas.

Team members

M. Arsad Aji Susanto, Surya Sastriando, Ade Brian Mustafa

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