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CityCollection strives to make a community empowered circular waste management ecosystem in South Asia. Their mission is to build a responsible, connected community to initiate change to a complete and sustainable value chain. From a survey they conducted, they determined that lack of education and awareness is the biggest barrier to progress, with 90% believing Sri Lankans have lack of motivation to responsibly dispose of their waste. CityCollection a pre-seed startup who has created a mobile application, designed in response to community testing, to help communities in Sri Lanka responsibly dispose of their plastic waste.

Pilot Description

Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Their Pilot, EKVA, in Colombo, is a smart tech platform that leverages incentivisation and gamification tactics to empower, engage, and educate people to properly segregate and dispose of waste. EKVA consists of two systems. Firstly, for users, it is a communal, gamified approach to incentivise proper plastic waste disposal through an engaging mobile app. Secondly, for customers, it is a tool where data based on the usage of the system can be aggregated to visualise powerful insights between consumers and their waste. 

EKVA has secured corporate partners that will provide a network of bins to collect plastic waste in high traffic areas across Colombo. These bins leverage QR code stickers to aid users in their waste disposal, including a powerful AI that recognises waste and informs users of the correct bins to use. Users are then rewarded for their actions with a chance to win prizes within the mobile app itself. For customers, EKVA provides a subscription-based dashboard to harness localised insights including waste flows and consumer behaviours.

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