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Plastic-clogged waterways are ubiquitous across Southeast Asia. Clearbot is an enterprise that uses AI-vision to understand the types of waste in the waterways of Southeast Asia and collect it using swarms of robots. These robots are fully autonomous, solar-powered, and can work as a team to remove trash.  

Their vision is to have swarms of Clearbots installed in tributaries & feeder waterways of major rivers and oceans across the world, constantly collecting trash out of our waterways. The startup has already operated pilots across shorelines of Bali and Hong Kong and is now refining a model for Surabaya’s canals to enhance replicability of this solution across the region. They hope to inspire technological leapfrogging in the water-pollution space with their work.

Pilot Description

Location: Surabaya, Indonesia

The amount of trash flow in Surabaya is 4-5 times the collection capacity of current efforts in Surabaya. Clearbot is developing a system of trash-collecting water drones that are self-navigating, self-charging, and swarm capable that collect not only hundreds of litres of plastic waste each but also collect data using AI vision on 60+ classifications of waste. These swarms of bots are to be released in local waterways within local kampungs, beginning with two local communities in the city area. This solution provides Surabaya with a collection system that is 2 times cheaper, has 5 times the reach, collects 4 times more plastic waste and 100 times more data on plastics than current methods of collection by paddle boats.

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