LUMA System

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About The Innovator

LUMA System has developed an Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning algorithm that combines with drone imagery to understand the flow of plastic waste.

Using big data, their innovation establishes a digital map that interacts with IOT from GPS data sensors to enhance the collection of plastic waste in communities and cities across the region.

Their model is designed to be replicated in two phases, starting with waste data collection and analytics for early stage city level decision making, through to full scale solid waste management services.

Pilot Description

Location: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

LUMA is aiming to use technology to enable national and local governments, together with company operators and local citizens to manage solid waste more effectively and make Cambodia clean.

They are currently working with the national government to develop a multi-stakeholder approach to waste management for a cleaner Cambodia. The long term vision of the Royal Government of Cambodia is to be able to replicate a model across provincial localities.

LUMA is developing a full-service AI and data-based solution for waste mapping for municipal governments to create new waste management policies and practices with a multi-stakeholder approach to identify, collect and charge for waste management.

The products being developed for the pilot are designed to solve challenges in solid waste issues in Phnom Penh, though other cities are already expressing interest which supports the vision to scale across Cambodia and beyond into the wider Mekong region.

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