Siklus Refill

  • Indonesia

About The Innovator

Siklus is reinventing the future of retail through a marketplace model that allows micro-entrepreneurs to sell FMCG products without plastic packaging using technology. Customers bring their own containers or use Skilus’ customized ones to purchase refills of basic household products such as shampoo and coffee at a discount.

Their app enables customers to pre-order and receive notifications about goods, and also tracks data on plastic and local waste management conditions, which will be made available to relevant stakeholders.

This means cost savings for customers, new revenue opportunities for micro-entrepreneurs, fine-grained data for FMCGs, and environmental benefits by eliminating the need for single-use sachets.

Pilot Description

Location: Jakarta

Through the Plastics Data Challenge, Siklus is enhancing the mobile application and dispensing technology as a key variable for success measurement. With the app, customers can manage their order and complete feedback surveys that allow Siklus to identify their impact in terms of plastic saved and evaluate waste management in the area. The app also enables sellers to notify customers on their arrival, track payments, review pre-orders, and monitor daily routes.

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