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SUPER™ is the first single-use plastic reduction solution and certification for businesses. Businesses want to reduce their single-use plastic footprint but are at a loss on how to do it. There is no data, no footprinting and ROI calculators, no marketplace for solutions – and no standards or certifications.

SUPER™ technology helps businesses calculate their Single-Use Plastic Footprint, and the ROI of switching to alternatives and solutions, while their certification process provides an actionable pathway. In addition, their data-driven procurement platform connects supply and demand for vetted alternatives to single-use plastics.

The SUPER™ certification may be applied to any industry. However, they initially launched in the service sector (targeting companies in technology, utilities, finance, government, etc). In the US they have several pilots running, including one with the Government of the State of Washington to certify the headquarters of the Department of Commerce, with a goal of certifying all Government offices.

Pilot Description

Location: Singapore & Malaysia

SUPER is developing a pilot for Southeast Asia that is an online and mobile single-use plastic footprinting calculator and elimination tool. The tool enables businesses and governmental offices to calculate their single-use plastic footprint and the economic and environmental benefits of switching to alternatives. The report will provide these entities with rich and granular data that includes not only a footprint broken down into detail but also the ROI and financial break-even point for alternatives and full comparative life cycle analysis.

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