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SweepSmart is a Dutch-Indian social enterprise that offers modern segregated waste management solutions based on European waste management best practices reinvented for emerging and developing countries. With local partners, SweepSmart turns waste pickers into waste managers. These workers collect, segregate and recycle the waste, thereby offering a professional waste management service. The company’s Smart Waste Systems have a Europe-meets-local design, which includes a total package of hardware, IT, processes and training. The team has 45+ years of combined experience in best practice waste management in Europe (Suez, Renewi), India, and Indonesia. They have implemented 5 Smart Waste Centres in India, 1 in Indonesia and are currently implementing 11 more in India.

Pilot Description

Location: Bangalore, India

While proper waste collection and handling systems are crucial to prevent ocean plastic pollution, there is currently little to no insight into waste generation, collection, sorting and recycling in Southeast Asia. SweepSmart’s Smart Waste Management application records waste and financial flows during waste collection and handling (sorting, baling, etc.). The Smart Waste Management application is designed based on their operational experience of running waste collection and Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) for 3+ years in India. 

This app tracks on-ground activities, waste and financial flows during waste collection and handling. This creates insight into financial and operational KPIs, to continuously manage and improve waste operations and and profitability. It also creates transparency in waste flows from households to responsible recyclers and outlets for each material stream, for example for EPR or plastic offsetting purposes. The data can be used by governing bodies to steer interventions (e.g. improve segregation based on heat mapping) and design better waste systems for the future and other areas. It is designed to be used by illiterate workers, thereby empowering the informal sector to have a decent waste management job.

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