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About The Innovator

Topolytics collects, aggregates, and cleans waste data from many different sources to inform better decision-making by waste producers, recyclers, governments, and investors. They aim to use data science to make the world’s ‘downstream materials’ system more visible so that the data is verifiable and they can generate insights that unlock the value. 

Their analytics engine, WasteMap, ingests live and reference data on commercial, industrial and post-consumer waste from multiple sources and systems, then uses machine learning and mapping to generate actionable insights.  

This trusted data set generates quantifiable metrics. This helps corporates to reduce risks, enhance materials efficiency and drive carbon emission reductions.

Pilot Description

Location: India, Malaysia, & Singapore

The Topolytics pilots in South and Southeast Asia will work with waste producers and recycling companies and help waste producers to identify what happens to their waste and build a business case for waste reduction and recovery. Topolytics in Asia will help recyclers to generate operational efficiencies from their data, in turn optimising investment decisions and customer relationships. Topolytics is currently working with partners who are recycling technologies and commercial operators in India and Malaysia. The data insights through Topolytic’s analytics platform, WasteMap, will be shared on a subscription basis across Asia.

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