Trash Lucky

  • Thailand

About The Innovator

Trash Lucky is a “Trash-to-Raffle” platform that incentivises recycling and tracks the flow of post-consumer materials across consumers, waste pickers, and recycling shops. They incentivise recycling by allowing users to exchange recyclables with raffle tickets for winning monetary prizes. 

People can send recyclables to Trash Lucky directly or through partnered waste pickers or recycling shops. Users earn raffle tickets based on the amount of recyclables submitted. Trash Lucky then sells recyclables to recycling shops and uses part of the income to fund raffle prizes. Given the revenue-sharing model, the more waste people recycle, the bigger the prize pool.

Trash Lucky is founded by two co-founders with a combined 10+ years experience in building logistic startups across Southeast Asia. Since the start in June 2019, they have held 12 rounds of raffle draws with the grand prize of $300 gold bullion, have signed up 500+ members and have helped them recycle over 10 tons.

Pilot Description

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Piloting over the past year proved that people are willing to send and exchange recyclable waste for lucky draw tickets. Now, Trash Lucky wants to make recycling more convenient for people by offering drop-off locations and pickup service. Their pilot focuses on their ability to partner with local recycling shops that will act as their drop-off locations and with local waste pickers who will handle the pickups from their customers’ homes. Data of type and volume of recyclable items will be tracked along the way. Thus, enhancing the visibility of material flow in the recycling ecosystem through their digital platform.

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