In light of the recent COVID-19 developments, we are learning more than ever before just how connected the world is. With the information, an assessment of risks, as well as acknowledging the emergent and unpredictable nature of the situation, we are making a decision to postpone the upcoming Circular Innovation Jams.

The safety of our community is our top priority. Please stay tuned for updates.

Taking place across 5 countries in South and Southeast Asia, the Circular Innovation Jam is a 48-hour ideation event that brings innovative minds together to learn about the circular economy and develop new solutions for local waste management and ocean plastic pollution. 

Using design-thinking methodology, participants will undergo a structured process to learn about the issue of ocean plastic pollution and develop solutions that respond to local challenge statements developed by our partners related to waste management, recycling and the circular economy. These solutions will then be showcased to our global Network, with the top ideas receiving support from our incubation partners.

Why are we running Jams?

The issue of ocean plastic pollution is a complex, systemic global issue that is felt locally in South and Southeast Asia, impacting the livelihoods of not only people who work closely with waste but everyday citizens and their industries.

Such complex challenges require diverse mindsets and expertise to solve them. The Circular Innovation Jam offers a platform for rapid collaboration and problem-solving among diverse participants within a local context.

These Jams invite problem-solving by local citizens, not just institutions, and seeks to design with the very people who know and interact with the issues across our 5 target countries – Indonesia, India, Vietnam, The Philippines, and Thailand.

Who can participate?

The challenge invites individuals and teams over the age of 18,  with an interest or experience in circular economy and waste management & recycling to apply. 

As there are limited spaces, participants are required to apply before receiving confirmation of their place.


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