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To support innovation in Waste Management and the Circular Economy, The Incubation Network established a platform to connect and amplify the impact of existing entrepreneur support organisations towards building a strong pipeline of high-impact ventures tackling ocean plastic pollution in Asia. Many of these members are already teaming up with us to catalyse solutions to plastic pollution within their local communities such as through the Circular Innovation Jam.



Be a part of a global network of diverse partners and communities that will work together to prevent ocean plastic pollution.

Network-Exclusive Resources

The Incubation Network has collaborated with The Circulate Initiative and Sagana to develop the first curriculum in South and Southeast Asia that is developed with a focus on plastic waste and circularity to support early-stage entrepreneurs.

The content of the syllabus was developed with the support of SocialAlpha and StartupX, and were piloted by three Entrepreneurial Support Organizations (Instellar, Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA), xchange) and five ventures within The Incubation Network (GreenHope, Nu Cycle, Nanolabs, Resik, Kompis).

The program is designed specifically for Entrepreneurial Support Organizations supporting pre-seed and seed stage entrepreneurs and teams who are operating across the plastic circular economy value chain.

Supported by: Alliance to End Plastic Waste, Global Alliance Canada, and Lucy Ana Walton via The Denver Foundation

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Plastics X Circularity Curriculum here:

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