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Innovators in our network strive to build solutions to improve waste management and plastic value chains. Mentorship of entrepreneurs and innovator teams is a critical part of solving this issue – getting ahead of pitfalls and opportunities before they happen. This is why we need you. 

Mentorship provides opportunities for frank, open discussions without pressure or vested interests.

The mentoring process is about sharing relevant experiences and insights. The lessons learned can be applied without any agenda, building genuine relationships and enhanced learning.

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How Does It Work

  • Apply

    Follow the links on this page to apply, so we can get to know you

  • Interview

    Our team will reach out to you and have a chat, to see where you and your expertise might best fit

  • Begin

    Get onboarded to The Incubation Network, meet your mentees, and away you go!

We Are Looking For

  • Expertise

    Individuals who have expertise in Operations, R&D, Finance & Admin, Sales & Marketing, and more

  • Availability

    Mentors who are available for a few hours per month, depending on program and mentee requirements, either in person or remote via video call

  • Experiences to share

    Individuals who can share experiences that allow mentees to take away value that resonates with them

  • Directness

    People who are honest & direct, can ask probing questions, provide actionable advice, challenge assumptions and expectations, and offer constructive feedback

Why Mentor?

You’re great at what you do, and you want to help change the world. It takes years to develop expertise in any particular function, and even more to know how to coach someone else. Besides, wouldn’t it be great to know that because of your guidance, a solution now has an exponentially better chance of making a difference?

Early-stage social startups and entrepreneurs usually start with a great idea, and limited expertise in many crucial areas. They want to grow their business, refine their value propositions, and find opportunities for collaboration, market access, and funding. 

You are that link.

Apply to be a Mentor

Apply to be a Mentor

Interested in joining The Incubation Network’s Mentor Program?

We’d love to learn more about you!


During the engagement period you can expect up to seven hours per month, depending on the level of depth developed with the mentee. The engagement can be in person, or remote via video call, or a combination of both. Mentorship engagements can last from a few months to up-to a year, depending on program and mentee requirements. This will be scoped out beforehand.
Most of our programs cater to early stage social enterprises and startups across our five countries (India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand).
Many of these enterprises and teams:
  • Are pre-seed and pre-revenue
  • Have yet to pilot their solutions, or have conducted preliminary pilots
  • Are still refining value propositions and target markets
  • Have no strongly developed pipelines or client relationships
  • Have potentially scalable solutions that can be replicated and adapted in most countries where plastic pollution is an issue
Read about some top innovator teams in our previous programs here
Please see our programs page here for full program details. 
No. Depending on program requirements, and needs of the mentee team, our mentors can work with our innovators from wherever they happen to be in the world. 
While The Incubation Network focuses on 5 target countries (India, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam), our program mentors bring invaluable insights and expertise from experience all over the world. 
Absolutely. The world of social enterprise startups is very different to the corporate world, but there are things than each can learn from the other. Skills and expertise are transferrable from one to the other, even if the framing changes.
Why not fill out the application form and have a chat? The more we get to know you, the better able we are to match you with a team that needs what you’re great at.  
Some programs may have a stipend allocation for mentors involved. 

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