The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) in Surabaya, Indonesia seeks to create a collaborative network for innovative solutions to address challenges in the local waste management system and recycling sector. 

OPPA hosted the inaugural Oh, Plastic! Festival and Waste Data Hackathon in Surabaya on October 26th & 27th, 2019. The event included a fair showcasing key waste management stakeholders, a panel discussion on plastic waste, a movie screening, a photography competition and a music concert featuring regional Indonesian bands. The event had 38 collaborators and more than 400 participants in the activities.

Current Accelerator Program

OPPA is currently running its first accelerator program featuring a cohort of 8 local innovators to support and scale new approaches to advancing the plastic waste management and recycling infrastructure in Greater Surabaya. The program began in November and will last until July 2020.

Accelerator participants include: Surabaya Central Waste Bank, Sectoral Waste Bank Anggrek Babatan Pilang, Loh Jinawi, WeHasta, Robries, Peduli Sunggai Surabaya, the Indonesia Waste Entrepreneurs Association (APSI) and a Local Waste Aggregator (CV Alif Karya)

Activities Include:

Waste Bank and Informal Sector innovation

Leading a Local Waste Action Network

Improvement of Waste Management Operations

Events &



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