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Our Vision

Empowering Innovation Today For A Circular, Waste-free Tomorrow

Creating growth opportunities for startups that drive better plastic waste management, recycling and circular economy innovations.



Network Collaboration

Thailand Waste Management & Recycling Academy

The Academy program provides the necessary tools and entrepreneurial skills to startups working on plastic waste leakage prevention solutions.

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Network Collaboration

Thailand Waste Action Network

The Thailand Waste Action Network builds relationships across an open and inclusive national waste management network, giving a platform for entrepreneurs to reach a broader audience.

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Java Low-Value Plastics Accelerator

The program will focus on scaling viable solutions in Indonesia that focus on recycling, repurposing, or upcycling low-value, hard-to-recycle plastics.

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Plastic Waste to Value Challenge

This program will be supporting innovative recycling or upcycling solutions that address plastic waste management in Southeast Asia.

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SCALE 100(t)

We launched a program to support waste management companies to increase operating capacity and divert 100 tonnes of plastic waste by the end of 2022.

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The SUP Challenge

This program is seeking to support acceleration projects through ESOs in South and Southeast Asia that aim to reduce single-use plastics in the F&B industry.

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Equality in Plastics Circularity

This program is designed to support a cohort of eight innovative and investible solutions to promote gender equality and social inclusion within plastic waste management and recycling market systems.

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Thailand Plastics Circularity Accelerator

We launched a unique development program to help scale low-value plastic recycling businesses operating in Thailand, or foreign companies entering the market.

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Leakage and Livelihoods

This program supports organizations in South and Southeast Asia to explore innovative solutions to engage informal waste communities, and build inclusive waste systems.

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Future of Flexibles 2021

Flexible plastic packaging is the biggest contributor to marine debris. This challenge looks for innovative solutions that rethink packaging materials and its recycling systems.

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Inclusive Circular Economy Projects 2021

Three new ESO partnerships in the Philippines and Vietnam will focus on reducing plastic waste, advancing a circular economy and improving the livelihoods of informal workers.

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Inclusive Circular Economy Projects 2020

We partnered with like-minded Entrepreneur Support Organizations in South and Southeast Asia, supported by our network, to accelerate their effort to reduce ocean plastic pollution.

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