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Special Podcast Series

Changing Tides with
The Incubation Network
Changing Tides with
The Incubation Network

Many people are working hard to solve the plastic pollution issue, but how successful are these efforts? What are the key solutions? What are the challenges? What more can we do?

In this podcast, we are sharing insights into the plastic waste issue in South and Southeast Asia, bringing together industry leaders — from large companies to early-stage startups. You will hear more about the nature and scale of the issue, opportunities and key barriers to developing local solutions, as well as how startups, companies, ecosystem builders and informal workers can work together to move efforts forward.

Changing Tides with The Incubation Network is supported by ECCA Family Foundation and Global Affairs Canada.

Latest Episodes

Episode 1: How do we solve the plastic waste crisis?

With Umesh Madhavan, Research Director, The Circulate Initiative

Learn more about solutions tackling plastic waste  

Episode 2: Why is it challenging for startups to grow and scale?

With Anurag Maloo, Head of Partnerships for Asia Pacific, Seedstars

Learn more about how startups can get support from the ecosystem  

Episode 3: What does success look like for a startup?

With Nattapak Atichartakarn, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Trash Lucky

Learn more about how a startup begins on its journey and what’s next  

Episode 4: How and why do informal waste workers matter?

With Nalini Shekar, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Hasiru Dala

Learn more about the challenges faced by the informal sector that picks our waste  

Episode 5: How can environmental startups attract corporate partners?

With Dr Vasimon Ruanglek, Senior Alliances Manager for Climate Impact & Circularity, SCG

Learn more about how startups can attract corporate partners  

The Hosts

Titus Loh

Titus Loh is the Program Manager, Circularity at SecondMuse Singapore, advancing circular economy through multi-stakeholder collaboration and co-creation to mitigate ocean plastic pollution.

Laura Benns

Laura Benns is the Director of Programs at SecondMuse Singapore. She leads the building of enabling ecosystems to support innovation across South and South East Asia.