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SCALE 100(t)

Between 75 million and 199 million tonnes of plastic waste is currently found in the oceans, according to a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report titled From Pollution to Solution: A Global Assessment of Marine Litter and Plastic Pollution. This figure is set to triple by 2040, if actions are not taken to mitigate the growing crisis. Beyond exploring new alternatives to plastic, and other methods to cut down on commercial demand for plastic, the need to refine our waste collection and management practices has never been more pressing.

Developing effective disposal, collection, and sorting pathways boosted by technology and innovation will help waste management companies to increase the rate at which they can recover and process plastic waste, scaling potential to reduce plastic leakage.

Program Highlights

In partnership with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, SCALE 100(t) is a new accelerator program for startups and waste management companies operating in South and Southeast Asia, designed with the aim of increasing their processing capacity, such that they are able to process an additional 100 metric tonnes and beyond on an annual basis. 

Diverting Plastic Leakage with Increased Capacity

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  • The Offer

The cohort is made up of:

  • 3 – 5 startups and companies across growth to mature stages with operations based in South and Southeast Asia
  • Fall under any of these solutions: Diversion, Collection, Sorting and Recycling
  • Are looking to grow their operating capacity by end of 2022 to accommodate an increase of at least 100 metric tonnes of processing capacity

The Incubation Network will focus assistance on supporting ventures to refine their business capabilities and scale solutions that lead to measurable increases in their ability to process  plastic.

Each cohort participant will receive a customized growth program, designed specifically for their identified milestones and project implementation, following a business assessment:

  • Business Consulting
  • Mentorship
  • Technical Assistance
  • Milestones Setting and Evaluation
  • Funding of over US$350,000 across the cohort

Program Timeline

  • Onboarding | June 2022
    Welcome, kick-off and onboarding of cohort participants. A business assessment will be conducted to inform the development of custom growth plans for each startup.
  • Accelerator begins | June 2022
    Commencement of individualized learning plans, support, and collaborative workshop experiences.
  • 6 months of support | July 2022 – Dec 2022
    To support continued growth, a series of exclusive resources and introductions to strategic partners will form part of the program.

The Cohort

  • Plastics For Change

  • ReCircle

  • Wongpanit Krabi