The Incubation Network Announces Four New Partnerships

The Incubation Network Announces Four New Partnerships

The Incubation Network (TIN) is a catalyst for action and investment to improve waste management and recycling systems aimed at preventing the flow of plastic waste into the world’s ocean. Our approach centres on creating a network of innovators, entrepreneur support organisations (ESOs), investors, civil society organisations, and government leaders across South and Southeast Asia (SSEA) working towards building inclusive and gender-responsive waste management systems. 

This network-centred approach has enabled us to identify partnership opportunities with like-minded ESOs in SSEA that are already working to accelerate the effort to reduce ocean plastic pollution. Today, we are proud to announce four new partnerships with:

  • AtWorks on the Circular Impact Market Accelerator project
    The Circular Impact Market Accelerator aims to develop a market access accelerator model for circular impact in the food and beverages industry. Partnering with a leading Indian restaurant operator, the Market Accelerator will offer initial market adoption opportunities to selected innovations and solutions. The focus will be to identify solutions and interventions to make restaurant operators’ entire value chain circular from a plastic materials perspective.
  • GoMassive on the Agra Innovation Lab: Cleanup City of Agra
    The Agra Innovation Lab is a platform for entrepreneurs, academics, technical researchers and innovators to accelerate and pilot test solutions, specifically those relevant to the identification of waste, mechanised collection and transportation of waste, sorting of waste and unique solutions for recycling.
  • Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation on the Mentorship in Sustainable Packaging project
    Statistics show that there is limited availability of mentorship programs and professionals in sustainable packaging. This project will address this issue by providing mentorship in sustainable packaging across technical, commercial and environmental perspectives focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. Key topics such as product-packaging interaction, ergonomics and piloting a design to capture market feedback will also be covered.
  • Climate Collective Foundation on the Climate Ready for Women in Upcycling program
    This program will establish a pre-accelerator program for women entrepreneurs in upcycling. A select number of women entrepreneurs will be admitted to a cohort to receive capacity training in the form of business literacy skills, networking opportunities through collaborative exercises, interactive sessions with external speakers, and confidence building to leverage opportunities.

These new partnerships were formed through a collaborative process to ensure that we have aligned values and shared missions. Each of these partnerships will further our effort in delivering programs and projects that support high-potential innovators and entrepreneurs, catalysing new programs and innovation initiatives focused on waste management, and gaining local market insights. 

We are excited to collaborate on these partnerships and will be supporting these projects for 6 months each, starting from November 2020. We will focus on facilitating knowledge sharing and enabling access to a pool of technical experts and mentors. In addition, we will provide practical resources for programs and offer both seed funding as well as design support to make the programs happen.

About Partnering with TIN
TIN is committed to back ESO projects that will source, support and scale ventures working on preventing plastic pollution. From 2021, we will have 2 rounds annually of such collaborative proposals, whereby we will provide up to US$20,000 for initiatives that can accelerate waste management and recycling innovation in the local ecosystem. If you are an ESO with a similar mission, join the network
to explore partnership opportunities with us, through our on-going collaborative proposal cycles or if you have a one-off emergent idea.

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