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Building Inclusive Markets for Plastic Waste Management & Recycling in South and Southeast Asia
This report encapsulates insights and findings from pilot interventions under two programs under our "Inclusive Markets" portfolio to address challenges faced by the informal waste sector in Asia.
Inclusive Markets Project Profiles
A compilation of twenty-two projects showcasing our efforts to tackle plastic pollution while improving livelihoods and supporting marginalized populations in South and Southeast Asia.
Making Waves in 2022
2022 at a glance: This interactive report captures the insights and impact from our work in scaling innovations, empowering the informal waste sector, harnessing the power of collaboration, and more.
The SUP Challenge
This Insights Report from the ten-month, cohort-based program shares high-level learnings around the impact and potential of alternative solutions against single-use plastic packaging from South and Southeast Asia.
The SUP Challenge
"Accelerating Circular Solutions to Single-Use Plastics" serves as an end-to-end guide for market acceleration of circularity solutions, outlining activities and considerations to drive a unified approach to plastic alternatives.
The SUP Challenge
This Life Cycle Assessment report details the full methodology and results from studies conducted on four pilot projects tackling single-use plastics, identifying areas of exploration for a broad-based transition to alternatives.
Future of Flexibles
The insights and findings collected through our second Global Innovation Challenge: Future of Flexibles are presented in this report, showcasing a landscape of diverse, early-stage solutions in South and Southeast Asia.
Making Waves in 2021
Look back on our journey in 2021, highlighting key programs and new partnerships with private and public organizations. The interactive report showcases our collaborative efforts to support innovative solutions for plastic waste.
Rethinking Plastic Waste in Thailand
This report offers a closer look at the current waste management landscape in Thailand, as well as five innovation-centered opportunities arising from the local environmental challenges and gaps.
Plastics Data Challenge
Our first market insights report from the Plastics Data Challenge sheds light on the challenges of a data gap in plastics and plastic waste, and how hybrid solutions and collaboration within the sector can bridge the gap.