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Network Collaboration

Thailand Waste Action Network

Facilitated on-ground by STEAM Platform, a local leadership and partnership organization, the Thailand Waste Action Network is open to all organisations, businesses and groups that work across the plastics and waste management and recycling value chain in Thailand. This includes: relevant government agencies, local municipal government actors, aggregators, industry associations, community businesses, waste bank operators, corporate, and more.

Main Objectives

Leveraging on our experience in South and Southeast Asia

The Incubation Network’s program in Surabaya, Indonesia, the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator will serve as a coach during the initial set-up phase of the Thailand Waste Action Network, and in an ongoing support function to share insights and learnings from establishing a similar program in 2019.

The Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator established the Waste Action Network in Indonesia to facilitate connections and increase collaboration between local and national waste management stakeholders. The Waste Action Network is an open forum to get to know about and discuss waste management issues. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the network has remained connected through a WhatsApp Group, conducting regular webinars and participating in best practice sharing and training sessions. More than 100 members from various waste management and recycling-related backgrounds have joined the network.

This program is supported and funded by ECCA Family Foundation.

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